“OH MY GOD, MY WATER JUST BROKE!” (Here come the babies, Part 1)



With two babies taking up space in her tiny body, Bekah was going through lots of discomfort, particularly at this stage in the pregnancy.  Sleeping was tough and sometimes the only place for her to get comfortable was on the couch.  So on the night of December 9th, 2012, I went to bed and was pretty much out like a light.  I vaguely remember at one point during the night, Bekah came upstairs to bed.  I was pretty much hogging the whole bed, so she got me to move over.  I draped my arm over her and went right back to sleep.  At 2:30am on December 10th I was awoken by my wife saying “Oh my God…MY WATER JUST BROKE!”  And I FLEW out of bed.  We already had a bag packed, so I had to make my best attempt to look non-homeless and then roll out.  Meanwhile water was just EVERYWHERE…it just kept coming, it reminded me of the same scene from the Coneheads movie (yeah I went there).  My mom came over to stay with Hudson and off we went.

Now CMC Main is about 30-40 minutes from our home, depending on the time of day and traffic.  At 3am, though, it was a breeze…and I was hauling.  I’m glad it was dark out, because my knuckles were probably bone-white from holding the steering wheel so hard.  On the way there we were trying to figure out how things were going to proceed.  I remember being told that there was now valet parking for expectant moms, but you KNOW there wasn’t gonna be no valet sitting out there at 3am.  The good thing, though, is that we’d been through this before at the same hospital.  The difference was Bekah’s water didn’t break, they did that at the hospital, so this craziness was new for us.  I pulled up to the hospital, ran in, and frantically told the sleepy-looking guy at the front desk that my wife’s water broke.  He snapped into action, grabbed a wheelchair, and went to get my wife out of the van while the half-asleep security guard made my visitor badge.  I ran back to the van so I can park it, grabbed our bag, and ran back to the hospital….my wife wasn’t there.  She was already upstairs…somewhere.  With Hudson, they took us both up together…but with Bekah being Niagara Falls, this was different.  I asked the sleepy security guard what floor they were on…after some deep thought, he finally got it right and off I went.  Problem was, no one told me where to go once I actually got off the elevator.  ARGH!  So I walked to the nurse’s station and told them my wife was just brought up.  The nurse said, “Oh she’s probably in triage: just go down this hall, through the double-doors, take 3 lefts and a right, then halfway down you’ll see a door with a keypad on it…just knock.”  I was like WHAT?!  This is the hospital, not the Legend of Zelda, I’d get lost with all those turns and whatnot.

Luckily, though, I found the door….so I knocked.  And knocked again.  A nurse poked her head out the door, Wizard of Oz-style, and asked if I was the dad.  I said duh, and she told me to wait out in the hallway.  So the only logical thing to do at 3:30am in a hospital is aimlessly pace in the hallway.  Oh, and text my best friend, who luckily lives in California, so the time-of-text wasn’t too brutal.  I figured they were probably getting some monitors set up so they can keep an eye on things until the main show was ready to begin.  That sounded like a good plan, right?  After like 20 minutes, the door opened and the nurse let me in and my wife was in a small triage area and they were monitoring things.  Yay, I was right!  That is, until the nurse gave me some scrubs and said “Here Dad, put these on.” And I was like “OH CRAP, this is happening now!”

TO BE CONTINUED…(dun dun dunnnnnnnnn)

About Chris Perez

My name is Chris aka HLHS Dad: I’m married with 3 sons. I love coffee and Yankees baseball. Be kind to one another.

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