Second Attempt at Chest Closure

As promised, Dr. Maxey waited about 10 days or so before attempting to close Nolan’s chest again.  Again, we gave authorization and made our way to the hospital.  When Dr. Maxey came out, he once again told us that Nolan wasn’t yet ready.  He closed the chest, Nolan didn’t like it too much, so he re-opened it most of the way but left in 2 sternal wires holding it together.  But after observing him for a little while, those wires had to come out and the chest had to be re-opened.  UGH.  In a moment of incredible honesty, Dr. Maxey said to us, “You know what, I blame myself.  I rushed him and we could’ve just waited.  So we’re going to wait until he’s ready.”  Talk about deflating…AGAIN.  The darn kid needs his chest closed so he can begin making some progress in his supposed 4-week recovery, but here we are something like 2 weeks in and we’ve gotten nowhere.  ARGH!

Well this sucked.  Again the nurses tried to be hopeful, and I was left wondering how many times we’d have to try this.  Each time you build yourself up, you become hopeful and then it’s all deflated.  Then you realize just how stinkin’ exhausted you are, but you feel bad for even wanting to mention it.  The thing is, this wasn’t going to our plan, but I had to believe the doctor’s know what they’re doing…so if they wanted to wait, then we were going to have to wait.  It was starting to feel like this was going to be a very, VERY long road.

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