When In-Home Care Isn’t Enough


Ever been in the right place at the right time?  In a previous post I mentioned that my wife and I were pretty disappointed with our in-home speech therapy and physical therapy.  It was nice that they were coming to us, but after months, we weren’t seeing any results.  The biggest problem was the speech therapist: she was often rude and condescending to my wife (a HUGE no-no) and once Nolan spit up all over her during a therapy session, she pretty much gave up on him.  I don’t play that.  One day I was walking out to our mailbox, and I’m sure my mind was on 5 million other things that given moment.  I mindlessly grabbed the mail and saw just a bunch of junk mail: you know the kind – cleaning services, sell me your house, vote for me, etc. etc…all useless…or so I thought.  The last card/ad in the stack was one for a new place that opened very close to our house called Pediatric Boulevard:


I read the card, then re-read it.  It said they provide physical therapy, occupational therapy, and…SWALLOW THERAPY.  It said it right there in black and white.  It was like a God-send.  I remember standing there on my front porch and hoping this would be the next step we needed to make.  Excitedly I walked into the house and showed it to my wife.  We looked them up and saw they took our insurance…all we would need is a referral.  That was easy: at the ceremony for the HEARTest Yard (wrote about it yesterday), my wife and I cornered one of Nolan’s Nurse Practitioners and laid out our case for trying this new place.  They told us they’ve worked with heart babies before, so we felt like giving it a shot…what did we have to lose?  The NP said to email her the info and she would make the referral…we did, and she did. 

Nolan currently attends physical therapy twice a week and speech therapy twice a week at Pediatric Boulevard.  Yes, we have to drive there, but it isn’t far at all.  They’ve shown to be much more aggressive with his therapies in order to push him towards results.  No more of this rubbing his face crap…they actually tried to FEED him.  What a concept!

You know I can’t say it enough: as a heart parent, you are responsible for the quality of your child’s care…don’t just leave it up to the doctors: they’re very busy.  You know your little warrior, so be their advocate and find the best care for them!


About Chris Perez

My name is Chris aka HLHS Dad: I’m married with 3 sons. I love coffee and Yankees baseball. Be kind to one another.

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