Glenn Recovery

We were really happy that Nolan’s Glenn procedure went splendidly…in fact, he was up in Progressive Care the very next day!  Now we had to settle in for his recovery period.  While things looked good now, I remembered the 2-month recovery from the Norwood Procedure.  All-in-all, Nolan did very well. 


His color looked great, he was off oxygen, and he was overall a happy little boy.  He was a little bit fussy when the “Glenn Head” would kick in, and I felt so bad for him, but the staff did an awesome job keeping him comfortable.  At one point some teen pageant queen from SC came to pay him a visit and gave him a dolphin pillow pet.  That was very sweet: Nolan really digged her…maybe he’ll look her up sometime lol

The great part about this procedure was that we were able to hold Nolan pretty much right away (just no picking him up from under the arms til the chest healed up) and I had quite a bit of time on the weekend to spend with Noli Poli and I could tell he was just DYING to get out of there…and so were we.  Overall, the comparison between the Norwood recovery and the Glenn recovery was night and day.

On our 6th day there, we were told Nolan would be ready to go home!  And boy was he ready:


What a change…look at that happy boy!  And he was rockin’ some sats in the mid-80’s.  Life was good for our little warrior.  Bekah and I were super-happy too…no surgery again for a couple of years, God willing.  Now we could really focus on Nolan’s quality of life: in particular his feeding and physical therapy.  There was still a lot of work to do, but MAN…2013 had been a heck of a year and it was barely half-over!

Before we left the hospital, one of the Nurse Practitioners came to visit and gave us some great news: NO MORE CHAMP BOOK!  We no longer had to record his stats and weight daily!


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My name is Chris aka HLHS Dad: I’m married with 3 sons. I love coffee and Yankees baseball. Be kind to one another.

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