2013 Heart Walk

Maaaaan….I was PUMPED for this day!  Early on in this blog you’ll remember that I wrote about the 2012 Heart Walk (https://hlhsdad.wordpress.com/2013/10/14/the-2012-american-heart-association-heart-walk/).  Basically I signed up to do the heart walk solo (Bekah was pregnant) about 3 days after we found out one of the twins would be born with HLHS.  It was an incredible experience…and I couldn’t help but think that the 2013 Heart Walk was gonna be epic because our heart warrior would do it with us, God willing. 

Well everything was looking good for all 3 kids and my wife to join me on the heart walk.  I didn’t stop there, I wanted a TEAM this time…so I worked on assembling TEAM NOLAN for the heart walk.  We raised a little bit of money for a good cause and quite a few people signed up to walk with us.  Did I mention I was pumped? 

I kept counting down the days, kept talking to people about it, kept checking the weather.  Finally the day was here!  I printed my parking pass, we loaded up the kids, and we all drove to Uptown Charlotte for our first Heart Walk as a family.  Yes…I was pumped.  We got there to the meeting location for our team.  And I waited…and waited…and waited.  No one showed.  Hmmm.  Eventually I got tired of waiting and went to the Lowe’s tent to build a fire truck with Hudson (That mad him pumped), when a friend showed up, then another with his family.  So while most of Team Nolan was a no-show, we still had a nice little team.  We got Nolan a new “Heart Hero” cape and attached it to the stroller.  Everyone got their stickers for who they were walking for (Nolan, duh).  And then we gathered up to begin the walk:


The pace this year was much slower since we had a team, 2 strollers, and a toddler with us.  Last year it was just me and my headphones, so I chugged along.  The walk was a lot of fun, as always.  We got to meet other heart families and their kids…it was just good to be together. 


I know, Nolan looks pissed in that picture lol it cracks me up.  Regardless I was happy to have him on that walk with us.  But MAAAAAN, I was way outta shape, because I was wiped towards the end of that thing.  But as we neared the finish line, all I wanted to do was pick Nolan up and carry him across that finish line together with my wife.  We had gone through such a rough 9 months with our boy and this was to show we were in it together: we fight this fight as a team:


The Heart Walk always holds a very special place in my heart: I want it to be something we do as a family for a VERY long time!

About Chris Perez

My name is Chris aka HLHS Dad: I’m married with 3 sons. I love coffee and Yankees baseball. Be kind to one another.

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