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Nom Nom Nom!

Hey guys!  Guess what…it’s time for another episode of Heart to Heart with Anna guest-hosted by yours truly!  This is the third, and final, episode where I’ve had the opportunity to serve as a guest host.  It’s truly been a great experience and I want to thank Anna Jaworski for asking me to step in while she was on vacation.

This episode is titled “Ruling the World…One Cookie At a Time” and it features Jessie Wimmer, a local heart mom from here in Charlotte, and the owner of The Cookie Cult.


I gotta tell you, he cookies are AMAZING, I even talked about them back in February.  In this episode we talk about her experience with her daughter (the story will make you jump out of your seat, I promise) and then about how she began her growing business.  Definitely an inspiring interview!

Check it out here: Ruling the World…One Cookie At a Time

So now that you’re sufficiently hungry, get on the interwebz and order yourself some cookies!  Go to and order at least 2 dozen.  Because you’ll eat the first dozen yourself and regret not getting a second…so just do it already.  Do it.  NOW!


I hope you guys enjoyed my run as guest-host on Heart to Heart with Anna.  I would really love to hear some feedback on what you guys thought about the three episodes.  Keep being awesome, everyone!

Let’s Talk About Compassion Fatigue

Hey friends!  I hope you all enjoyed my first crack at guest-hosting Heart to Heart with Anna last week!  This week I take another shot at it.  This episode features my buddy Daniel Miles, who is Assistant Director of Spiritual Education at Carolinas Medical Center.  We spend some time chatting about Compassion Fatigue, which is a topic that I think ALL heart parents out there need to know about.  I’m serious.  The first time I listen to Daniel give a presentation about Compassion Fatigue I was like, “Oh my God, this is SO about me.”  The reality is we spend a lot of time and energy pouring ourselves into others and it leaves us spent…I’m sure you know the feeling.  We have to remember to fill our buckets too!

Anyhoo, please visit this link to listen to the latest episode of Heart to Heart with Anna: Compassion Fatigue: Silent Enemy, Soul Sickness

I hope you find this information as helpful as I have. Please, please, please share that episode with others!

So what’s next?  Well, I have one more episode left to guest-host.  What’s it going to be about?  I’m not telling.  You’ll have to wait and see!  Heart to Heart with Anna airs on Tuesdays at noon eastern time on BlogTalkRadio, and as always I will share the link here so you can listen at any time.  In my non-radio-hosting world, there’s a lot of other fun stuff going on that I’m excited to share with you, I’m just waiting for the correct time to do so.  As always, thanks to everyone for reading and for listening to these radio episodes!

The HLHS Dad is BACK on the radio!

Hi everyone!  Some time last year I had the opportunity to be a guest on an online radio show called Heart to Heart with Anna: you can read all about it here.  This is a really fantastic show that airs weekly and is aimed at the congenital heart defect community.

Heart2Heart Banner

Anna Jaworski is a heart mom who works diligently to put together this show every week.  Recently she reached out to me to ask if I would guest host the show for 3 weeks while she takes a much-deserved vacation.  I was definitely honored that she would consider me and I was excited to try my hand at something new.

For the first episode, I decided to share “This is NOT the Trip I Planned For!”, which is something I also posted about recently on the blog.  Since I’ve received so much positive feedback about it, I wanted to share it via the airwaves as well.  So without further ado, please check out this episode of Heart to Heart with Anna, featuring yours truly:

Heart to Heart with Anna: This is NOT the Trip I Planned For!

Please be sure to share this with your friends and I really encourage you to take the time and explore Anna’s website, especially all the other episodes of her show:

BUT WAIT…THERE’S MORE!  Anna also has a series of books that would be a fantastic resource for my readers, and I would love it if some of you guys could support her work by buying a book or 5: Baby Hearts Press books

Stay tuned over the next couple weeks for more episodes of Heart to Heart with Anna, featuring the HLHS Dad!


HLHS Dad on the Radio!

Radio Grandma Meme


Last week I had a really awesome opportunity to share my experiences as a heart dad on a very special internet radio show called Heart to Heart with Anna (  Anna Jaworski is a heart mom herself and does an INCREDIBLE job of finding weekly topics that can help and educate heart families and healthy families alike.  I’m serious, she covers some great topics, including sports for boys with CHDs, how CHDs affect parents’ relationships, etc.  Really good stuff.  I was honored to participate in the show titled “Working vs Stay at Home Dads.”  You can listen at any time at this link:

I’m not going try not to spoil the conversation because I want you to listen to it and the great viewpoints brought by the other dad on the show, Michael.  I will say that I’m really grateful for people like Anna and Michael, who take the time to share their experiences with others.  Once I went back to work in the middle of Nolan’s Norwood recovery, it was very difficult to remain focused, especially since the way ahead seemed to unclear.  It was often during this time, on lunch breaks, I would scour the internet for stories, thoughts, ideas…anything that would give me a sense of hope that everything was going to be a-ok for Nolan.  Fast-forward to now and I get the privilege of writing this blog as a way to help others, and I couldn’t have done it without those heart parents who paved the way.

There’s lots of great resources out there…positive resources, and I encourage you to connect with other heart families.  It’s amazing the amount of support you can get…and hey, I’m always available to help too!  I don’t have it all figured out: I don’t pretend to.  What I can do, however, is continue to be honest and share what happens with us and Nolan.  Hopefully someone will find hope out there just like I did.

To the stay at home heart parents out there: you guys are doing an amazing job.  I know the days often blur together, you feel exhausted, and you feel like you’re accomplishing nothing….but please keep it up.  You get to spend some special time with your little ones and it’s truly a blessing.  Your impact will be seen for years and years.

And for the working parents: you keep it up too.  Keep providing, keep doing the best you can, and remember to shut work off once you get home so your family gets all of you.  I know sometimes it’s hard to miss cardiology appointments and the like because you have work, and sometimes you want to stay home and hold your heart warrior just a little while longer.  Your efforts aren’t in vain, though: you’re working to pay for those life-saving doctor visits, and everything you do, you do to keep your family warm and safe.

Keep it up, heart parents…you’re the best sidekick a heart hero can have!